BlogPost: Style Revival: BlogPost 👠Revive Your Style

The moment you take two throwback style pieces and make it look as if, it's a new outfit you're wearing for the first time. I like to call this Style Revival. 

That's exactly what I did with this look. 

I took a skirt a bought over a year ago, and paired with a white bodysuit top that  I have only worn one time. 

I greatly encourage you too mix up your style and get as many wears out of the clothes you buy because you hopefully buy them to wear them, and hopefully you plan to wear them more than once. 

Here is the throwback of the skirt and shirt I wore with two different styles

Here is my Style Revival featuring this Beautiful Pink Blazer and some matching earrings that help make a cute errands day style. 

IMG_4177 (1).JPG


Blogger Love, Mrs.Nelson