Solange is Your Spring Fashion Inspiration

Beyonce isn't the only knowles making our heads turn these days. LOL.

If you have a social media, than you have seen the way Solange has slayed us everytime we've  scolled down our time lines. And If you are anything like me, Solange has been giving you just as much life as she has been giving me in her music and Fashion. 

I believe she is all we need to help us gather  ideas for our own spring fashion look .

You can alot of times catch Solange in  some bright, sultry bold beautiful colors, or  something  dark and chic. These inspired Styles and colors are just in time for Springtime. 

This sister is doing her thing.

Solange  makes me want to shop  and try more bold bright colors, after all that is what spring fashion is about. 

My New Muse. 

Check her Fashion styles out and you be the judge.