B LO G P O S T : Kim Kardashian-West Glow Up Evolution Than/Now

If you have been keeping up with Kim Kardashian since 2007 when KUWK first debut, than you already know that over the years that Mrs. West fashion  style is nothing short of amazing. 

I am not going to lie, if you are like me than you have to believe that her getting with Kanye and becoming Mrs. West had a lot to do with her style these days. 

Can I just say: I wish Kanye was my stylist. (Dreaming) 

KIM K slide show before Kanye

 Kim was a caterpillar that became a butterfly right before our eyes. I remember the episode of KUWK when Kanye brought a professional stylist to come and clean Kim's closet out, which BTW  is  one of my favorite episodes. 

 I love the Kim K Fashionista that we see each and every time we scroll down out timelines, so Kim continue to slay or days away. 


Kim K's style after Kanye