Queens Of Black Panther'', Why They Represent Everything the Black Woman is

The Black Panther is now out and showing at theaters everywhere.  

 Photo: Popsugar

Photo: Popsugar

The Movie is Phenomenal the entire cast and production, writers all did a amazing job on this movie.  I myself am going to see it two or three more times while it's in theaters.  

It really was proud moment for me to take my children and see Many Black Talented kings and Queens that look like us as heroes. 

I also have to mention the entire  fashion in the film it was crazy fabulous.  I could go on  and on for days about how I feel about this film. 

I just want to Thank The Writer, Cast, crew every person that made this movie happen. Thank YOU:)

The Queens of Black Panther  movie did that.  I think we can identify with every one of these queens in our real life. We are Beautiful, Lovers, Loyal, fighters, and take no stuff, Gracefully unique and smart. They gave your everything a Black woman is and represents in these characters.