Beyonce Is Representing a lot of Black Magic

Queen Bey is on a culture roll these days, and we are loving it.

Bey didn't stop with the Formation album. These days every time the Queen makes an appearance she is definitely letting the world know it's all about Black culture and I am here for it. I loved her before, but I am loving her even more. 

Bey made her appearance after having twins at the grammy's 2018, her style was Black Panther inspired, wearing a black  custom velvet  Nicolas Jebran all 2018 outure black velve halte gown and hat. Back is Jan. 


Fast forward April 2018 Bey is the First Black Women to headline Coachella.

Bey recently is the First African American Women to headline Coachella and she represented Black Culture as well  HBC (historic Black Colleges) she bought  Bey university to Coachella  . 

The pop superstar paid homage to the landmark occasion by infusing her performance with black power symbolism. 

In doing so, Henderson from abc news says Beyonce "echoed the resilience of a people who continue to be criminalised and persecuted for sitting, standing, walking, talking, laughing, thinking, riding in cars, breathing and for being black in America". SOURCE:


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