I am a Full time stay at home mother/wife. I am married to a wonderful man and I have  two beautiful children. I also  run a couple of different businesses. I am the  Owner/CEO and President  of all three  businesses of mines  Beaulittiful  Fashion,  Fit 'N' Focus and  Mrs. Nelson's wigs. I love and enjoy  life, my children and my wonderful husband, whom I have been with for a total of  14 years. We dated  6yrs before we  married and have now  been married  for 8yrs. I am a family woman, who believes In God and my Lord and  savior Jesus Christ,  I love people and believe the ultimate goal in  life is to effect and have an impact on someone's else's Life.  I also believe your life is what you make it. I have so many different thingsI am inspired by  every single day and I want this blog to reflect the many inspirations that inspire me daily.





 My family and myself  in the above photos are  My daughter Diamond, My  son Elijah, and my wonderful king my husband Donnie and Myself.