Love Is In The Hair

For Everyone who knows me, who follows my blog or my social media's,  know I love changing my hairstyles. I am actually about to make some changes again soon. 

I just wanted to share a few tips to help maintain a great hairstyle. No matter if you are natural or not you have to put in the effort to take your time, study products, and add some tender love and care to your style.  

Living in Cali can cause my hair to frizz up and look a hot mess. LOL. But I am really big on using  the right products for my naturally real hair as well as custom(wigs) unit.

 Remington irons are my best friend and their  all I use. They are great hot tools that are inexpensive and are really good quality irons. 

The Only  Spray I use for my wigs is Tresemme Spray. It's a heat protectant and helps againts frizz. I am Currenly doing some research on some other good spray brands.  When and if I start using another  I will let you guys know. 

Oils I use are : Argan oil,  and costar oil. 

Take care of your hair:  Whether it's your natural hair, wigs whatever; The key to great style and longevity to hair is caring for it with time,  and patience.  I get tons of compliments on my  hair styles, and it's not just becasue I put some extensions on a cap and throw it on my head. It's because I take time and care of my real hair underneath my cap and I take very good care of my wigs and extensions. 

Happy Hair Days:)

Blogger Love, Mrs.Nelson๐Ÿ’‹