Tips on How to Recover after Breaking your Diet.

Get Hydrated:

Make sure you drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps you get hydrated and helps restore balance. Start will a glass in the morning and carry a water bottle with you all day. Don’t add any sweeteners or stimulates to your water, for flavor I recommend fruits, herbs or vegetables instead.

Juices: Certain juices will hydrate and nourish your body.  One thing I like to do sometimes after a long weekend is visit my local juice bar, they offer the finest and best herbs, along with real fruit and vegetables; not to mention they a lot times offer a week of juices and herbs for detoxing  your body and  that is good for about a week or so.

If you decide to make your juices at home you want to make sure it consist of fresh ginger, spinach, cucumber, kale, green apple, lemon, and celery. These ingredients should be used sparingly, due to high sugar content: carrots, oranges, red apples, melons or pineapple. 

Motivation is Key: Remind yourself why you want to make the change you eating habits and workout. (Look Better, feel better, lose-weight etc)


Keep track: Write your goals down, keep track of what you ate and you calorie intake, and how many calories you need to burn that day. Each day keep a long.

Exercise: Get at least 30 Min of workout in. And set a goal to commit at least 3-4 times a week to workout for that set time.