Hard to stay motivated during the Holidays...

Are you having a hard time staying motivated during the holidays?

Don't feel bad you are not alone. During the Holidays cookies, lattes and the smell of  food from the food court in the mall after a long day of shopping can seem so very satisfying. Although it may seem that way, you don't have to just give in, give up and over do yourself, ' telling yourself that you will start after the New Year. 

Get Motivated. The holidays will come and go and the weight will still be there. Think of why you ever even considerate getting healthy, go back to that thought. 

Here are a  few trips that may you help you:


 I recommend that you make time and still get at least 30min of exercise it.

Use portion control you don't have to have 5 cookies in moderation only have two.

Be careful about your carb intake and of course use portion control.

Instead of a warm latte exchange for a hot green tea, or  if you just have to have a latte make it small with non-fat milk.

If you know you are going out for a few hours to shop, pack a light lunch for you or if you have children for the whole family. You will save money, and you take in half the calories.

Get a head start on the New Year.  Stay motivated and make healthy choices. Be sure to do all things in moderation. 

Denyelle NelsonComment