Day 9 Healthy to Healthier Lifestyle

Day 9: It has been a few days since my last post I am still going strong When  I started this I weighed 140lbs I am now down to 137.0  I am getting back close to my normal weight. The Holidays can really make you pack on extra pounds. Lol. I am so excited and I feeling amazing. I am reading and learning information on going Vegan, that is another story I will have more on that later.  

Here is an example of what my meal has been like lately, it is working for my me as well as my family, my son I make special healthy meals for him, because he is only 6yrs and his little body can't eat all we eat so instead of a smoothie for breakfast he has oatmeal with berries and banana and apple juice, and dinner he may have a whole grain turkey sandwich dressed with his choice of baked chips not all the time just an example of some of the things I incorporate in our home.

Here is a example of a regular day eating for me lately..

Breakfast: Smoothie and Black Coffee

Lunch: Salad no chicken with apple and water

Snack: Grab peanuts and water with lemon

Dinner: Homemade Soup with Fresh Vegetables of my choice with broth of my choice. 

Later Snack if I want one i'll have Peanut butter with a green apple and lightly sprinkled granola in a little bowl.

This is just and example of how my day has been these last 9 days of Heathy to Healthier Lifestyle. I am loving it. :)