BACK ON TRACK!! Healthy to Healthier Lifestyle

Okay guys, so after Day 9 I had a bit of a set back my husband took me out to dinner and movie and I just had a good time eating what I wanted day after day after day. LOL. Not to mention being snowed in didn't help because I all wanted was ice cream and M&M's. That is by the way BAD FOR YOU. But it's a new week am back on track I am drinking my breakfast again, being mindful of my choices. I think it's times that we all have a bit of a set back, but it's what you tell yourself that makes it you have a great comeback. I will start next week only leads to you  saying 'the next week I will start next week', choose now make a choice that even though you had a  bit of a set back I am getting back on track today, you can have a lot more healthier days ahead you. Your mind and body feel much better when you eat the right food verses the wrong food.  remember this Food is Medicine. 

Happy Fitness