30 day Healthy to a Healthier lifestyle

HAPPY 2016!!

For 2016 my husband and I decided that this year is going to be our healthiest year ever. So Last night him, I and our children  had out last big pig out day, not to say that we won’t ever eat the comfort food we love, not just as much as we have been eating these last few months.  I always throughout the year try to workout and make healthy choices, but sometimes it can be hard staying motivated and always being the workout motivator, and I happen to think it is better when you have a partner to hold you accountable.

So what we did was last night did some shopping to prepare ourselves for the week ahead.

So as you guess by looking, tons of smoothies and food preparations for my entire house. 

We are so excited as him and I will be sharing and posting out progress.

This week we actually began our fast for 7 days which only consist of fruits and vegetables, so that is going to help as we continue and implement the healthy habits from out fast into out healthier recipes.