A New Amazing Diet Called Weight Laws

                                                      Weight Laws are here to help

     Almost everything we do is governed by some set of rules. There are rules for games, for social clubs, for sports and for adults in the workplace even rules that governing the universe, like gavity. Laws have been the glue that has kept society together. For example, the law in United States, states that we must drive our cars on the right-hand side of a two-way street. If people were allowed to choose at random which side of the street to drive on, driving would be dangerous and chaotic. Laws regulate Life. Therefore without them Life would be chaotic. If you don’t regulate your health the chances are you want live as long as you should. You have to set standards for your body or it will set the standards for you. 

There are Laws to weight Loss and if you follow them you will SUCCEED  

A law is an established principle that works the same way every time for anyone who gets involve.

If you eat more calories than you burn your are going to gain weight.

If you burn more calories than you eat you are going to lose weight.

So let’s establish some Laws (Some principles, some rules in our lives)

Figure out the normal amount of calories you consume a day for 3 days. Divide your total amount of calorie by 3 and subtract 500 for that number (so it should look like this 2100calories x 3 days = 6300 calories / by 3=2100-500=1600 calories  and there you have your daily calorie limit. Establish it as a Law (a rule) that cannot be broken. 

Law #1

1600 calorie limit

Law #2

Water with lemon every morning and a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day

Law #3

For every 100 calories you eat that’s 1 minute of exercise.

Law #4



Cheese can be a fattening food.

It contains a large amount of fat and is hard to digest. (a deadly combination)

Poor digestion causes weight gain! Fat has nine calories per gram, protein and carbohydrates have only four. 


Potatoes were found to be the top food making us fat. Studies have found all forms of potatoes to be fattening.  Every serving of fries eaten in a day was linked to weight gain of more than three pounds, while eating an extra serving of potato chips led to a gain of 1.69 pounds.



  • White Carbs (white rice, pasta, white bread, and starches) are fattening because they are high glycemic index foods. This we all know.

  • A study suggests that such carbs are a problem for people wanting to lose body fat. Findings show that consumption of the wrong carbs creates body fat.  



  • Fats and Oils are fattening especially when they come as deep fried foods.

  • Fats and oils contain 120 calories per tablespoon.  Even olive oil has lots of calories even though it has significant health benefits.





If Law #1 is broken

You have to lower your calorie intake by 200 calories the next day

If Law #2 is not followed correctly

You have to subtract 150 calories from your calorie limit that day.

If Law #3 is not followed correctly 

You have to add an additional .30 second of exercise to every 100 calorie the next day

 So For every 100 calories eaten that’s 1.30 seconds of exercise

If you break Law #4

You have to add 15 minutes of exercise and cut your calories by 300 the next day.