Healthy/Fitness: 5 Quick Tips to Help Recover from Superbowl weekend.

Did you eat all you wanted to eat for the Superbowl game?

Wings, Cokes, Cakes. chips etc. Well here are 8 Tips to help  you to recover and get  back on you healthy eating and fitness track.

1. Start your Morning with lemon water. That's right lemon water, it is great for cleansing and detoxing your body. I  can see I will be drinking this all day. Lol. Lemons offer vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your body.

2. Exercise nothing says I love you body and appreciate you, more than working out does, try 30-45 mins of cardio exercise releases endorphins that make you happy, rids toxins of the body and helps you have energy. Not to mention the end result you feel better and if you do it enough look better.

3. Get as Much Water fruits to hydrate your body from sodas, wines etc that you may have had over the weekend. Fruits such as Kiwi, grapefruit, grapes etc.

4. Smoothies are a amazing way to start to breakfast especially when you add good things for you body such  as Kale, bananas, almond milk, etc 

5. Take your time: You don't have to over due yourself, as a matter of a fact it's never a good thing over due it when working out, you can cause yourself to be sick, and it can be extremely painful so take your time, make sure you are taking it one day at a time on your healthy journey and listening to your body.