Weight Loss Gimmicks that simply Don't Work

Diet Pill: Diet Pills Simply don't work. The Diet pill industry is a Million dollar industry, simply because most americans feel as if they can take a diet pill that will curve their hunger and they don't have to workout or eat right. Most people believe they can sit on the couch and the pill will do all the work, not realizing that their is no magic  pill and that you could be simply harming your body with chemicals from the pills that will hurt you in the long run. In order to have an effective weight loss you have to properly workout and  and change your diet.


Waist Trainers: I HATE THESE THINGS. Waist Trainers simply sell Women a dream that you can have a smaller waist and lose inches by putting this things on without exercising and eating properly. WRONG!  Waist trainers are not in no way at all good for you, researchers have suggested that women who wear waist trainers  could be causing problems  suggesting that 

— When a corset squeezes the outside of your body, it’s also squeezing the internal organs. Excessive pressure on internal organs can cause serious health concerns.

— When the lungs can’t properly expand, for example, it increases the risk of pneumonia. It also makes it more difficult for your body to get the oxygen it needs – which is especially dangerous when you’re at the gym. Just to name a few:

Sure you see Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, etc wear them and sell you a dream. Reality check they get paid to promote these things, they also pay personal trainer and workout. Don't be fooled. the only effective way to lose inches and be smaller is doing effective workouts, burning more calories than you consume and eating right.


Fad Diets: Are you trying the  No Carb Diet? The Atkins diet? or Juice Diet? Fad diets are the worse. If you could see yourself eating and making that diet a part of your daily eating  lifestyle for the rest of you life than they probably would work, buta lot of times that isn’t the case. We are looking for a quick way to shed pounds. Let’s also understand that once you loose the weight, the weigh usually comes back and sometimes you gain more than what  you started off with. Also you could be missing very important nutrients that your body needs.  Some Fruits and Vegetables contain carbs that are good for you body, giving your body good fuel to burn off and give you energy.  It’s Simple  Make healthier choices and eat the way you can see yourself eating for the rest of your life. Eating Healthy and making right choices has to be your lifestyle.


Working out and still having a bad Diet: 80/90

80 percent of working out and 90 percent of your diet is the only effective way to become healthy and lose weight. As important as it is to workout, it is just if not more important with eating the proper  nutrients. Exercising and eating right go hand in hand. You can’t do one with out the other.  When you make bad eating choices after working out all you do is throw your workout and that time you put in  the gym out the window. It’s a team effort.


Starving yourself: Never ever a good thing. Your body has to have food to fuel your body. Food helps your  body produce energy that helps your brain and your energy level all day. You have to have food. Make the right choices fried chicken every day is not idea for healthy, but maybe  smoked or baked salmon followed by asparagus and a Sweet potato all good. Try it. 

Do what is right for you, love you body enough to take care of it, you only have one body. The best way to do it is too set obtainable workout and nutrition goals and follow them. Commit to at least 3 times a week to working out. Make time to workout.  Make healthier choices try new things. You will feel better and look better for you.:)