I Completed My 21 Day Challenge.

Hey Guys, I did it!

I completed my 21 Day Challenge.

This Past Sunday I did complete my 21 Days. I started May 4, 2016 and completed my first 21 Days on May 22, 2016. 

Each day I wrote in my journal my food progress as well as snap chatted  my progress. I am not going to say this was easy, it was extremely hard the first week, especially the first weekend or two, But I had to do it. I know I was doing way to much in the un-healthy department.

Here are the results, excuse my ratchness, I was just trying to get my photos done.

This was not a diet, this was just me telling my body that I am in control of it. I don't have to over due it, and I stayed realistically about my goals. 

I gave up

All Candy, Bread, Pastries, Chips, Ice Creams, Milks, and Cheese and fried foods.

I know that these are things that my body are  always trying to send alert signals through such as headaches, stomach aches, and tiredness feelings, so those things I gave up. I would have no problem giving them up for good. Statics say it takes about 21 days to Break a habit and honestly I can believe it. I have not nor do I crave any of those things. Along with this challenge,  each time I ate, I did in fact portion size my meals. I  didn't do a day of cleansing with just water etc. I don't believe in that, basically starving yourself  I refuse to do that, i know that isn't something I can see muse;f doing for the rest of my life and a lot of times it's not as beneficial as people think they are, my opinion. It's your body's job to naturally detox itself,  with the right nutrients in your diet, you can do that with just adding the right fruit to your water and still eating  a full healthy meal. Be realistic about your weight loss goals. 

I set this goal for a realistic way of life. I enjoyed it so much I have decided to begin another 21 days today.  I feel as if I am still a long way off, but I have seen the progress I have lost 7 pounds since this Challenge. I am going harder and going another 21 days as of today. Monday May 24, 2016. Along with diet and exercise I got this. Lol