4th Of July Reset New 30 Day Health Challenge/MrsNelson's Blog

I must say since my last post I have been very cautious of the food I eat, more fruits and vegetables and less bread, candies, chips, cake, and diary. And I do feel good. I must add With the transition of traveling and moving to Los Angeles in two months has also helped me make better choices. It has been so much going on that I have took on the new way of eating. This pass 4th of July I finally broke out and had a chocolate cake with little ice cream and whip cream, although I am lactose and tolerate my desire was more tempting than my will power so I had it, and  It was so good!  But I  felt bad after eating it. Lol. But nothing is wrong with living a little. But now once again I am back on  it. Today I like to call it my reset day.  It only consist of Fresh water, fruits and veggies. I am ready. I believe a treat every once in a while would not hurt, but every day will do damage. I am back on it and actually decided to do a new 30 day challenge including fried foods, breads, chips, candy, and diary.  Today is my day 1. Ready set go. 


I rather Have Fresh Fruits and Natural Smoothie or juice drink. 





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