Guilt Free Zone/ HaloTop Ice Cream


Thank You Halotop

I don't usually do Ice Cream because honestly, we don't get alone. But when asked to collaborate and try it out, I had  to first read and researched many reviews on the Ice cream and people seemed to love it. So! I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it. So, I did and I honestly love it. I tried the vanilla bean, and the taste was so authentic and delicious. I am happy to add they also have dairy -free flavors and I am so looking forward to trying that, Perfect cheat treat for me without the hassle of being uncomfortable later. LOL. HaloTop Ice cream offers many different flavors. Be sure to this ice cream for yourself. 


HaloTop Bliss

In my Guilt free zone 🙌🏾Nothing my favorite Halo Top Creamery Ice cream can't fix. Best Healthy junk food ever. Lol. Cheat day in full effect.


Vanilla Bean Halo

Halotop Ice Cream is Packed with Protein 



240 Calories of sweet fun.


 Looking forward to my next cheat day.


Blogger Love, Mrs.Nelson