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Hey Guys, Welcome back to my official blog. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I have to tell you about a few new snacks that my family and myself really enjoyed on and after thanksgiving. 

Now anyone who personally knows me or who follows me on my social medias platforms  know that I am always searching for treats that are good tasting and healthy, not only for myself, but for my family as well. My son is a toaster strudel lover, my teenager is a lover of cream cheese and whole wheat bagels and my husband is just like whatever. LOL.  So Bakerly is like the perfect treat fit for my family. Over the holiday here are  a few treats I received .

The Bakerly Hand braided brioche that you see in the image above was our family's favorite for thanksgiving. Absolutely delicious! You can tell it was made authentic and with love, the bread was fresh and perfect for setting off our entire dinner. 

My children wanted these crepes everyday from the day we opened these treats. 

I am sorry guys I would have better pics of these delicious Crepes as well as the brioche rolls, but those treats didn't last a whole week in my house hold. Lol.  Here are what the they actually look like. 




Bakerly Happy Snacks / Strawberry filled crepes @



Bakerly Happy Snacks/ Hazel Chocolate Filled  crepes @

Bakerly/ Brioche rolls with milk chocolate from the family line./ Extremely Delicious



Bakerly/ Brioche rolls with milk chocolate from the family line./ Extremely Delicious @

 I absolutely love the fact that these Grains are fresh, delicious, contain Non-GMO,  No Preservatives like other grains sometimes have, and a big one for me a lot of times is NO High Corn Fructose. I can't tell you how amazing each of these treats are. I can't wait to order more. 

I even received a  beautiful apron that I am finding myself wearing all the time now. LOl. 

I am looking forward to having Bakerly treats in my pantry a lot more now. Thank You so much @ for making my Thanksgiving holiday even more special and making treats my whole family could enjoy. 


Blogger Love, Mrs.Nelson