My new Mac Fetish...

I am so excited to share my new fetishes from mac cosmetics.

On the left  I have Mac's Gold Deposit Mineralize skin finish. It is the perfect highlighter for skin type. Whether I am a conturing my face which consist of me doing my cheeks, nose, forehead and Chin, or just adding  glow to my cheeks.

It's also prefect  for applying all over your face lightly after applying your foundation. It gives my skin a natural finish glow. I love this stuff and it last me a long time.

I recently picked up Mac's Dark Deep Natural Mineralize skin finish.  It's the dark powder in the above picture on the  right.

I have only had it now for a few days and I am already in love with this stuff.  I Place a light finish  over four foundation and it gives me a natural, sheer glow all day it's not to heavy and makes my skin look beautiful. I can also use it as a bronzer and adds a natural warmth color  around my cheeks.