I don’t have time to do a full face make up routine, I’m in a rush!

If you are like me you don’t always have time to set in front of a mirror and do your normal full face make up routine.

Here are couple of tricks and tips that may help get out faster.

After you have washed and moisturized your face. 

1.  Find a Concealer that Matches your skin color, hit any small dark circles of any discoloration you may have and  blend it in your skin well.

2. Use either, a skin mineralizer or your color or a light setting powder and go over your face once/twice with your powder brush.

My quick routine:

 4. Fill in your eye brows hairs lightly with an eye brow pencil and add a little mascara.

5. Than choose a pop lip color like Red lipstick or a Pink Rose, just something that adds a  little warmth and color to your lips. 

Than hit the road. 

It works every time.