MakeUp Must Haves for the Holidays..

The holidays are approaching and one thing we all want to make sure  is that we look good. whether you are hosting  the parties or if you are just visiting family. One less thing you need to worry about is how good you will look once everyone sees you.  Here are a few make up must haves that every woman should own and that will help you have that perfect holiday ready face.

Here are a few Makeup products and tips that you can really go along way.

LIPSTICK: You can never go wrong with a red lip it adds a touch of sexiness and fierceness to any face.


EYELASHES:  False Lashes add a dramatic fullness to your eyes, enhancing your look and adding a perfect boldness to your eyes. 

MASACRA/EYELINER:  Whether you are a fan of false lashes are not, mascara and eyeliner go hand in hand with or without lashes. Mascara adds the fullness  to your natural lashes giving you a more dramatic eye, and eyeliner creates the perfect sexy boldness, weather you are adding it to water line or your eyelash line to create the perfect wing. Mascara and eyeliners are must haves.


EYESHADOW: Anytime you want to add  to your look a quick smokey eye or even just a light shimmer to the eyes can make all the difference  in the world. Eyeshadows can be a a girls best friend adding color and a touch of fierce to the eyes. The perfect stamp to any holiday look are the eyes. It doesn't have to be a whole day's work just  a dark color or two can give you eyes all they need to get you through the holiday festives.

Highlighter: Last but not least, that perfect glow that every face needs.  If you are a fan of the full face make up face. The glow for the holidays is a must have to set your look off. Highlighting the cheekbone  is the perfect eye catcher adding that natural dewy effect giving you that perfect glow to a beat face.  And just Perfect for the holidays.