I Got the Juice/ CYBLOG MONDAY/ Shop Til you Drop/ Spring Deals

Hey, Guys! You know I am always trying to share the latest on the newest, latest fashion/beauty trends. As well as where you can find them at, so I hope these tips are helpful. 

Target has released it's new swimwear line for this summer 2017, and it certainly caters to the curvy girl woman, bloggers are going crazy about this new swimwear and you will too. Check it out for yourself and if you decide to order online receive free shipping through my blog. Happy Shopping  @ www.target.com


Get More for your buck at Ultra Beauty: I am in love with this place, my first visiting Ultra Beauty was a couple of weeks ago, and let me just say it's like the adult Toys "R" Us for makeup lovers. 

I picked up the 32 Palette color from makeup forever for only $15.00.  You have to Check out the deals on cosmetics, skin care and much more!  I am in love with these products I picked up from Ulta. Check it out for yourself  right now @ http://www.ulta.com/ulta/home/





Looking for Sales? Charlotte Russe has some of the best, I bought my green dress for $7.50 and this navy blue skirt for $5.00. I love when I catch sales like this. I would certainly recommend catching sales throughout the week to add to your spring/ summer fashion wardrobe. Shop now  http://www.charlotterusse.com/



One of my Favorite pieces of jewelry is this personalize sterling silver necklace I own. I am in love with this site. This company can also design bracelets, rings, watches and more customized to fit you.  Shop Now @  https://jobremoon.com/