Skin Care Tips

 Having a great skin care routine is essential for your skin.

Here a few things I have listed that works for me. But I encourage you to do what works for you. 

 Clean  and wash my make up off every night and make sure I wash and clean my face every morning.

My favorite go cleanser is Cetaphil natural cleanser.

When  I am just to tired to wash my make up off,  I always use make up remover wipes.

Washing  make up off my face allows my pores to breath. And feels so good after hours of make up oils  and sweat.

 I also take one or two  days a week sometime and just allow my face to be make up free. 

 And never Pop pimples.

 And a pimple does happen to pop up; I try to wear less makeup as possible.

 I believe it's important to Keep my skin clean and healthy. And I believe it is the key to keeping you make up look flawless.

I encourage you to do  whatever works for you and make sure you are taking care of your  skin keeping it clean and healthy.