7 Items A Woman can never have to much of....

Shoes: A  Woman can  never have to many shoes, heels, pumps,  boots, workout shoes, saddles etc., a woman shoe is essential to her everyday  look.

LipSticks: You can never have to many lipsticks, one day we may feel matte red the next we want a glossy nude just to get us through the day.

Purses: Of Course, a purse is needed for to match what we choose to wear that day. One day you may need to carry some extra luggage the next you may want something light and not pulling you down while you are out with the kids. I girl can never have to many purses.

 Jeans: I am Jean freak, Boyfriend jeans, dressy jeans, casual jeans they are all needed, a jean for every occasion. 

Dresses: You can never have to many dresses, if you are like me you need your elegant nice Sunday dresses, and you need that tight date night dressed that shows your curvy sexy  side. Yes Dresses are a must have. 

 Spanks: You can never have to many spanks, I buy them at least every other time I go shopping. These are a woman's life saver.  

Jewelry:  A woman can never have to much jewelry. The beautiful effect the jewelry gives out fashion looks just excites us and adds a bit of glam to our look.