Single for Valentine's Day? 7 things you need to help comfort you.

Single for Valentine's Day? Sick of hearing all the love  talk? Not to mention you just wish this holiday would just go away already. Well hopefully I can help you look at Valentine's Day a little different.

Here are 7 tips that can help comfort you for the romantic holiday.

1.   Dress Up:  Glam your self up and look nice for you. Go out  and treat yourself to a dinner, dessert and  maybe a inspiration self help book.

2.  Movie: Plan a movie day go out to a movie or grab a seat on the couch, order a pizza and get you a snuggle blanket; grab your popcorn and relax the day/night away.

3. Pamper yourself: Take time go get a mani/pedi, spa etc. Do something for yourself that relaxes you and makes you happy.

4. Treat Yourself: Treat yourself to a box of chocolate, nothing like a good box of chocolate to comfort you.

5. Avoid S Technology:Turn off phone and social medias reminding you of how everyone else is so in love and happy.

 6. Avoid Feeling sorry for yourself: You are unique and you are beautiful and at the right time the perfect woman/man will come into your life. Think Positive, Positive Vibes Only.

7.  Relax the night a way, take you nice bubble bath with candles and after get you a good night's sleep.