6 Makeup/Fashion Mess Ups that Annoy Women

Lip Stick: Don't You Hate when your Lip sticks smears and gets on your chin or teeth this happens to me  sometimes and I hate it, It is so annoying. This happens a lot when I am drinking my coffee. Lol. I have found myself checking the mirror often after drinking my coffee. They're are lipsticks that L'Oreal carry where it can help keep your favorite color lipstick in place all day without smearing. Matte Lipstick is also sometime good for not smearing. 

Eyelashes: If you wear lashes as I do. I Just hate it sometimes when my eyelashes decide they want to try and come off, this is so annoying so you try and keep it in place until you get to a bathroom to fix it, only if you have an emergency glue in your purse. Lol. Which I have learned to keep one.

Stockings: Stocking can be your best friend out worse nightmare. I love adding a pair of stockings to the perfect outfit, but I hate when I have to deal with a slight rip. I feel as if it messes my whole look up. Uggggghhhh. What is a girl to do sometimes? Lol. Places like JcPenny and Dillards carry more sturdy stockings that you can keep longer, get in your size, rewash and re use without you worrying about the cheap easy to tear stockings. I love them have a lot of them they really come in handy. 

 Hair Humidly: Spring and Summer is approaching fast, so you know that means: Sometimes on those hot days, that you have found yourself doing your hair for hours and getting that perfect curl, when you walk outside, will be a chance that you hair want make it that day. Be sure to carry and extra brush and pony tail holder and save that style for another day.

Makeup Smears: OMG I know if you wear makeup just about every girl has had this problem. When  you hug someone and your makeup accidentally gets on the other persons  clothes. OMG I hate that. And all you can do while having a conversation with them is think about that makeup you got on them. Ugghhhh. So embarrassing, I have learned to really watch how you hug a person and setting spray helps to avoid this from happening. 

Makeup Compact shatters: Your favorite Compact is coming to an end, and you try saving the last bit you have, until you drop it or something happens causing it to shatter and get all over the place, getting everywhere. I know all you want is for it to last until you get the store to get more. So very annoying. Now days people have created home remedies to fix it and help it last longer. I rather not, I am okay sort of dealing with it until I get to the store tomorrow.

 Here is a tip: Just don't carry it with you until than. 

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