Haters. Many people have them, believe that as many people love you; just as many, if not more will hate you. So how do you deal with a HATER? It's Simple DON'T

Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with a HATER:

1. Ignore: Drown out the noise of your haters. They will say and do things to try to get your attention and  bring you to their level. A Hater is Not Worth it. Obviously you are above them and they know it.

2. Work Hard: Continue to work hard on yourself for yourself. The only person that can stop you, is you, never give someone the satisfaction of focusing on them,   it only takes your focus off  what you are doing and what you are working towards. Your dreams and work are much more important.

3. Pay No attention to them: This gets a lot of people once you give a Hater the attention that they are seeking, you than give them a little power. Don't allow negative seeds to be planted in your in life. Seeds only come through the eye gate, ear, gate and mouth gate. Be careful what you give your attention to. 

4. Keep It Classy; This goes for every person being classy never goes out style.


5. Never argue over the internet or in person. It's low and classless. The internet is filled with endless clap back edits. Who cares what they may write on a statues or  what they may tell someone about you''. you don't have to prove anything to anyone. Never allow someone to have so much power of you that is  causes you to be moved by angry emotions, you become a low as they are.

6. Remain Positive.  Keep a Positive Mind,  live a Positive Life and you will attract positive things around you and for you.


7. You are a Brand. Remember you have a Rep to protect.  Always keep in mind that you are your own Brand, your have to look at yourself that way. Whether you are Business owner, an employer working for a company, or a person that is working on or toward your dreams.  People are always watching you. You are a product that you will want people to eventually  buy into, People don't want a bad loud mouth, emotionally moved, cursing obnoxious product. Don't allow a hater to make you look that way. You are a high end brand conduct yourself as such.

8. Be the best You:  Be the best you, you can be. Don't try to be anything or anyone else, people will always have opinions of you let them,  live for you, you're the only person that  knows what you need to do for you, never boast or try to  prove anything to anyone. You know what you have to do for you life, keep what you're doing. Never try to be a show off.

9. Be a Blessing to your Hater, if you can help them, help them. Never hold grudges and hate anyone. They're Not worth messing up your blessings, you'll need all your blessings  all for what you have coming in the future .

10. Best Revenge is SUCCESS