10 Things I Must Pack for Spring Vacation

My family and I are getting ready to go on our Spring Break Vacation, I am so excited and cannot wait. The only stressful part about vacation  is  packing, making sure I have all things I need or may need before leaving.

The Stressssss. Lol..

Here are a list of things I am sure to pack no matter what. Besides my clothes and hygiene products of course, a girl needs other items that are just as important as those. :)

1.  Shoes; Making sure I pack the right shoes I try to pack as  many as I can before leaving.   I try to make sure I have Shoes for all occasions, heels in case my husband takes  him and I out, or  flats for  when we walk and are touring. Making sure I have a shoe that at least matches my outfits. It can be a little hectic trying to make sure you have the right shoes. Lol. Especially when you just can't bring them all. 

2. My Hot irons: I know normally hotels have hot irons, shampoo etc. But I feel as if I they just can't do what my irons do for my hair, so I Usually pack my curling wand, and my flat iron. They never fail me, the two hot irons I need the most, and Yes I also do pack my own shampoo. :)

3. Makeup- I always I make sure I have enough makeup, I don't want to worry about running out and making my family find a cosmetic store, because I ran out of makeup, so I make sure I have enough. :)

4. Sunscreen I did ask some of my friends on my social media pages what it important for them to carry and I was told by someone that they can't leave without sunscreen, great for protecting your skin and important to have with you especially when traveling. I will be adding that to my packing list.

5. Ear Phones:  My ear phones are certainly a must have. Those Plane rides are  long and I not a fan of listening to my husband or Bob  sitting behind us snore for a couple of hours. Lol...So I do like to pull out my ear phones, play my music or listen to books while I am on those long plane rides, tuning all those other sounds around me out.:)

6. Towels and wash clothes:  I always pack my own wash Clothes and Towel, simply because you never know how or who has used the hotel towels and wash clothes, I pack them for my entire house hold, it's a must for me and my family.

These are just a few things that are a must for me to pack for my vacation:)