How to Use Concealer The Right Way / Makeup Mistakes Every Girl Makes

Do you ever wonder if you are using Concealer the right way?

For a few years after wearing makeup I will tell you I got it wrong so many times before finally getting it right.

Here are a few tips that I hope will help you next time you apply your concealer:

1.  Be sure use a color corrector concealer to cover up any dark spots on your face, these can be used to mask dark circles. age spots, large pores and other small blemishes visible on the skin. Color Corrector is usually thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending the imperfections into the skin tone.

Color Correctors Usually come in different colors

GREEN: Use a green based spot concealer to remove redness from a zit, or  acne scars. If you have widespread redness, or sunburn  then a color correcting green primer will be best to significantly reduce redness and give an even toned base for flawless foundation application.

OrangeOrange Concealers: For all of you with lighter skin tones, you will want to stay away from orange concealers for the most part. The exception? If you’re doing facial contouring and need something that can work as a liquid bronzer. Other than that, this color is perfect for people with darker skin tones looking to hide dark circles or other spots with deep discoloration.

Yellow: Yellow Concealers are perfect for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins, and under eye circles.Yellow concealers are typically the most general, and are great for evening out skin tone to give a bright base for your foundation.

Salmon/Peach Colors: These Colors work best work best on  pale skin, while peach works best on olive and tan skin.

2. Apply Color Corrector after applying your  Primer and before  Applying your foundation. I made this mistake so many times. It Blend very well giving your skin a flawless finish. 

3. Highlight Concealer: Once you have your Primer, Color Corrector and Foundation applied, I than go and apply a Highlighter Concealer that is s shade lighter than my normal skin, not to light because I don’t want to look crazy, so just a shad or two lighter is what I go with, if I couture or for a more intensify make up look. Which is daily for me.