7 Tips For a Flawless Makeup Look

Skin Care is essential  for a flawless make up look. 

Here are some keys to taking care of you skin:

1. Clean make up off your face every night and make sure you wash and clean you face every morning.

2. Wash Your Makeup off overnight. Invest in Makeup wipes for the nights you are just too tired to run to the bathroom and wash it off. 

3. Make sure you use a good facial cleanser and not regular soap: Certainly soaps can dry out your skin not all soaps are good to use on your face. My favorite go cleanser is Cetaphil Natural Face Cleanser.

4.Cleaning  your face gets rid of all the makeup and oils you skin had to deal with for that day and  allows your pores to breath.

5. When washing your face it’s always good to use your hands rubbing the cleanser into your face position yourself over your bathroom sink, and wash your face. 

6. Take a day and just allow you face to be make up free. 

7. Never Pop bumps or pimples that appear on your skin. 

Do these tricks and your skin will Thank You leaving you flawless with and without makeup. 

Denyelle Nelson2 Comments