LASH The FAKE OUT/ Eyes Without Lashes are Like Cake Without Frosting!

I am a super lash slut. LOL!  I can't tell you how much I love a pair of false lashes. 

I started wearing them when I was about 15yrs before I ever began wearing full face makeup, and ever since I have just have not been the same. 

Adding a nice pair of false lashes often add a sexy,  bold effect to your eyes, helping to intensify your look, you than go from normal to celebrity red-carpet woman of the day. J/K a little bit. 

False lashes are not as bad as the no- makeup, no lashes, no extensions bashers sometimes make them out to be.( NO OFFENSIVE TO ANYONE) but they are out there. 

All False lashes do are,  just give your eyes an enhancement like makeup does. I am just one who has no lashes so, to be totally honest they are perrrrffffect for me. LOL

So, If you aren't an everyday person like myself or the Kardashians. LOL!  And you don't wear them often I suggest purchase you two pair one fro practice and one for your next event, date night etc. The next time you want to look super hot, try it! Now it may take a little practice if you're a first timer, but once try them you make love them.

Blogger Love, Mrs.Nelson๐Ÿ’‹