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Welcome back Friends, 

 Valentine's Day is Approaching us so you know I had to share with you one of my new founds loves:)

You guys know I am always trying to share and keep up on the best and latest beauty/fashion secrets.

So let me begin by sharing some newly found fragrances that I have fallen in love with,  I don't feel like I talk about fragrances as much, but I must add that I love a good smelling perfume. I feel like when you have the right one, it's like a beautiful smelling accessory that people will remember you by, and one thing about me is that I love to demand attention when I am in a room. LOL.  


So, I heard about and decided to try a few fragrances. 

When I first visited website I thought that this is unquestionably one of the most beautiful fragrance sites I have ever seen,  and another plus was that all their fragrances products are cruelty-free- which made me want to try and indulge in these fragrances and test them out for myself. So I started off with trying their sampling sets. 


 When I received the package to my surprise, the box I received did greet me. And Once I  opened it read,'' PREPARED JUST FOR: Denyelle. HOW CUTE!


This was one of the most beautiful sampling fragrances package I had ever seen or received.  And with Valentine's Day approaching us these amazing smelling fragrances may be the perfect gift for someone special.  

Here  are the three Fragrances  I picked from to try out and here is my opinion on each one. 



 I feel like Hanami is a fragrance scent that people will always remember you by even after you leave their presence. I love the smell of this beautiful smelling fragrance it truly is  as described on My husband couldn't get enough of this fragrance on me. Hanami is a fragrance that I only bring out for special occasions only. 




Olmsted & Vaux

I picked this one out for my husband. I must add that I have great taste when it comes to my men's fragrance. This fragrance scent is certainly for the sophisticated fellow that demands everyone's attention when he walks in the room. A plus  about this fragrance is that most fragrances cause irritation to his skin, the fact that this one didn't was what made him love it even more. 




I like to call Siano my easy, breezy day to day fragrance. I love this perfume! I love the floral scent that it has in it, it's a bit different, but lately, it's been the everyday fragrance that I have often been using. It is undoubtedly one of my favorites. 


My new smelling accessories from are a new found love for me. I got so many compliments on how good I smell, and I can't get enough these Beautiful fragrances.  
If you are interested in trying them yourself  go to and try it. I hope you love their  Fragrance products as much as I do.


Blogger Love, 

Mrs.Nelson (AdateWithFashion)