💄Be Your Own MUA 💄

I love a nice beat.

I am always asked  about the products I use,  and really I use the same products all the time.   I mean don't get me wrong I do try new things and when I find those things that work for me I  than may add them to my makeup bucket with all my other go to products.  

I love doing my own makeup. And I a lot of times do my makeup according to what I am feeling for that day.   

A few things I may alternate from is my foundations from Mac Cosmetics which are Match Master Foundation 8.0 for lightweight to medium coverage when or Studio Fx Fluid for a full coverage glam when I want to be extra. Lol. 

And Eyeshadows I sometimes add are  from Morphe Cosmetics and BH Cosmetics.

The number one question I am ask is what are the products do I use for a woman of color and  I think Amazon just helped me make answering that question a  little easier.  

Here  http://amzn.to/2GRrBgN I  have put my entire makeup list together that I use on the daily basis. 

Everything that I used in this pic for this look and many others are all  included in  my list.