Selfie me....

I Decided to snap a couple of selfies before I left home and began to run my errands today.  I Love selfies.

Have you took a selfie today?

Now if you are like me sometimes you may snap a hundred selfies before you finally get the right one, but that is the magic of selfies.LOL. Often at times we snap better pictures of our selves than someone else doing it for us. Bottom line selfies are just as good if not better than some one else snapping a picture of you.

Selfies captures the days and  moments that made you feel good enough to put it out and share it with the world, not  to mention nine times out of ten your make up was just prefect and you captured that smile of yours  that lights up the room. Than again you maybe just had the perfect look to pull off that perfect duck lip face. Lol. In all honesty, I always  look at selfies as a way of letting the world  know a small side of  how confident you really are. It’s not always easy to share yourself in any way to the world, not knowing how people will look at you and perceive you, but in that moment when  you snap your pic, see it, and before you share it to the world you are the only one  thinking about how you see yourself in that moment, and you see yourself beautiful,  and confident enough to share it, so you do. 

Not to mention that your lighting for the pic is perfect.

 Why keep it just to save it in your phone or any device you my own for a long time, later to delete it? One day you won't  look like you do now. May as well capture your selfie moments. Love  yourself and embrace your beautiful face and don't be afraid to  let the world know it.  Share your selfie, a girl can never have to  many shoes, purses, lipsticks and now selfies.