OMG! I have been looking for this App my whole life. A Brand New Fashion App that allows you to get people's opinion on  your outfit, shoes, hair etc, within seconds. The name of this App is Pin&Tucker and it's amazing, and my new fashion Accessory.

Images I have shared so far on the Pin&Tucker App and Results I got in seconds 

OMG! I can't count the times that I am changing trying to get ready and I find myself changing a thousand times before finding the perfect outfit,  so I find myself asking my husband or my daughter how something looks on me and sometimes their opinion aren't enough, the Regular "It Looks Good babe/mom. Well  this new Pin&Tucker  App allows me get  opinions from others just like me, helping me choose the perfect fit. And did I  mention how I love shopping, well Pin&Tucker App  allows me to get opinions on something I've tried on or something I am simply interested in like a new purse or a beautiful cocktail dress helping my decision to buy it or leave it. This App is free to download and something I have been looking for my  whole life.  This is only the surface  of what I love about this App. You have to try it and you too will love as much as I do.  

Yes! The PIn&Tucker App is my new Fashion Accessory. Download it and try it, it's Free, fun and for Fashion lovers:)

Image Logo to the Pin&Tucker APP