True Friday the 13th Horror comes to life: Dozens Murdered in Paris Attack!

On late  Nov 13, 2015, an attack on paris took place.

Reports: State that at least 100 or more people are dead, after what is now being called a Paris Attack. The attacks started late evening on Nov 13, 2015, as explosions were heard near the Stade de France, where the National soccer team was playing against Germany. Reporters are saying at least several attacks took place throughout Paris. It has been reported that 11 were killed at a nearby restaurant in Paris, along with 15 killed in a club-venue nearby, and 100 individuals that were held hostage at Bataclan hall, were a concert took place are now confirmed dead. Reporters are saying numbers of death reported will likely change....

In  wakes of the attacks President Francois Hallonde, has locked down the borders of the country and Paris is declaring state of emergency.