14 Most Fabulous Fierce Successful moms!

Kourtney Kardashian. Star along with her family of their Hit reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashian, as the highest paid reality show on tv. This Mother of three, is also a Graduate of  Universary Of Arizona of Tucson, and has a bachelor's degree in theater arts and hispanic studies. Kourteny net worth estimated at 25 millon


Gwen Stefani. This Mother of three, is a Singer, Song writer, Fashion designer and actress. She is the lead vocalist and Co-founder on the band 'NO DOUBT.'' Her net worth is an estimated 80 Million. 

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Mother of Blu Ivy Carter  Singer and  Song writer, married to husband Shawn Jay-Z Carter together with over $1Billion and alone Beyonce net worth is $450 Million. 


Jessica Alba, this mother of two is an actress, model anda very successful business woman, becoming a mother  inspired Jessica to start her company called 'Honest'. She recently topped forbes list. Calling her company a Billion dollar company. Jessica's estimated net worth is $200 Million.

Kerry Washington, recently became a mom to a beautiful baby girl, Kerry is a Actress and is especially known for the Olivia Pope on the Hit show 'Scandal.' Kerry estimated net worth is 8 Million, it is said she makes 80 thousand per episode on the Hit show Scandal.

Michelle Obama, this first mother of two and the first lady of the free world. Prior, to her becaming our First lady, she graduated from Harvard Law School. Michelle was a  lawyer, a Chicago City administrator and a community outreach worker.  She has become a role model for women and an advocate for poverty awareness, higher education, and healthy living. Her estimated Net worth is 12 million


Tara P. Henson, this mom is an actress and singer. Taraji studied acting at Harvard University, and later pursued her acting career in Hollywood. Tara now days is bigger than ever staring on the hit Show Empire as 'Cookie Lyon'. Taraji net worth is an estimated 6 million.


Jennifer Lopez (Jlo). This mother of two is a actress, singer, author, producer, dancer and fashion designer.  Jlo Net worth is an estimated $200 Million.


Tina Knowles-Lawson, known as Beyonce's and Solange Knowles mother. Miss Tina is a businesswoman, and fashion designer. Tina's net worth is an estimated 20million.

Reese Witherspoon, this mother of three is a successful actress and producer. Reese estimated net worth is 80million. 


Salma Hayek. This beautiful soul-tres mother is from Mexico, she is  a actress, director and producer. She began her career in Mexico. Salma net worth is an estimated 85million.


Kelly Rowland. This beautiful mom is an actress, recording artist and TV personality, she also known as Beyonce's sister. Kelly Rowland estimated net worth is 20million.

Alicia Keys, this beautiful mother is singer, songwriter,  record producer, and song writer. Alicia estimated net worth is 130million.


Mariah Carey, this mother of two is a singer, song writer, producer and actress. She has a number of countless hits. Mariah estimated net worth is 510million.


By: Denyelle Nelson

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