Could Halle Berry be a Monster Wife.

Halle Berry Known For Pattern Of Rages And Outbursts In Marriages

You probably didn’t’ need a tabloid to tell you that Halle Berry isn’t as much fun as she looks, after all David Justice tweeted a series of messages earlier this week, co-signed by fellow Halle ex-hubby Eric Benet stating that the actress and her team went on a smear campaign after they split. But now it appears that it isn’t just AFTER the splits that things went left. 

According to National Enquirer reports:

Halle Berry won’t ever be playing “The Good Wife” — because she turns into a monster after saying “I do,” sources have told The National ENQUIRER.

The 49-year-old beauty — who in 2001 became the first African-American to win a Best Actress Oscar, for her role in “Monster’s Ball” — has wed three times and set up house with a live-in baby daddy.

But she’s made life a living hell for each one of her men! Just last month, Halle and Olivier Martinez announced their divorce after more than two years of marriage.

“Halle has a pattern,” a source claimed to The ENQUIRER. “What starts out as fairy-tale love ends with the guy terrified of her rages and outbursts.”

An insider added: “There’s a side to Halle the public doesn’t see. But her husbands and lovers certainly do!”

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