Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian Share a Selfie together: Who seen this Coming?

I am beginning to Think this all a big publicity stunt game  that they are all playing.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West wife and Amber Rose Kanye West Ex -Lover share a selfie and post it on their social medias pages, after Amber Rose made  nasty comments  on twitter last week on about Kanye West.


 Not to mention Amber Rose  in the past has ha her share of comments about Kim Kardashian. Amber Rose friend Blac Chyna  who now dating ( Rob Kardashian) she took up for in the past about the situation with Kim Kardashian younger  sister Kylie Jenner and Tyga causing her to get into a verbal fight on twitter  with Khole Kardashian. It's all bit much. SMH  

Maybe they have decided to put their differences aside  and handle  finally handle things like adults who knows.