JLO Who? Mariah Carey Addresses Feud with JLO/ Talks Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.

Apparently since the early 2000's, rumors have been reported about a ongoing feud with Jlo and Mariah Carey.  Many years ago Mariah was asked about JLo from another reporter and Mariah  responded "I don't Know her,'' That left many people questioning, if in fact there was an ongoing feud between the two.

Mariah appeared on Watch What Happens live on Tuesday evening, and Andy Cohen asked Mariah what the deal was between her and Jlo. 

Mariah responded " That was along time ago, I can't believe people still make such a big deal about it.''

Mariah Confirmed that she doesn't know Jlo. 

Check out the Clip:

Mariah was also asked about Nicki Minaj,  and thoughts on Beyonce and Jay-z Marriage.  Check out the Clip below: