Secret Tips to Get The Look Thinner and get the Perfect Hollywood Body

1. Spanxs: Spanxs are  the number one Hollywood Fashion Secret that some if not most of your favorite Celebrities wear, Celebrities such as Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Kim K, and Katy Perry just to name a few have mention their love for the shape wear it's no secret that Spanxs can take off up to 15 pounds off you once you put them on. Kim K recently told Daily Mail that she sometimes puts 2 pair spanxs on for the perfect fit. Spanxs are great for that perfect date night fitted dress. Helping your curves stay in place and help making you look very Hollywood. 

You can find Spanx is Stores like Macy's, Dillards, and Target to name a few. I have Several Pair and Love them, will be doing a youtube video soon on the before and after effect on Spanxs.

2. Hollywood Fashion Tape: Every wonder how you favorite celebrities keep everything in place on the red carpet?or do you ever  Have a hard time keeping that perfect strapless dress in place and pulled up ? Well You should try Hollywood's Double sided Tape, this tape can be tape to your dresses, halter tops, formal wear and more. Never have to worry about having a Janet moment with this tape. You can find this tape at target, Macy's or normally any of you favorite local retail store.


3. Bra Inserts: If you are looking for the perfect enhancement without the surgery, than Bra inserts are a must have. Bra inserts increase the size of your breast giving your look a more sexy enhancement breast size. They are perfect for your favorite look. You can find them in your local Macy's, Dillards,  and Target also. Check out slide show:


Alterations: Ever want your favorite piece of fashion style to fit your body just right, just like your favorite stars do?  Well, I have another tip for you.  Another way to get a perfect fit is to get your style altered perfectly fit for your body type. You can get alterations done at any alteration business in your city, your dry cleaners  and sometime your local retailers will accommodate you.