7 Things that keep you warm on Wintery days!!

Here in my City it is Cold and we have 2 inches of  snow already, with another 6-8 inches that is suppose to hit . I dislike the cold whether. I guess all I like about the snow is looking at it from my window. So I figured if I am stuck inside for a couple of days I may as well make the most of it.  So I came up with  7 things that is essential to keep me even more warm and happy at home. 

Check out my list below:

Here are the 7 things that keep warm and happy on these wintery days...

1. I love Soup A pot of homemade soup with a grill cheese sandwich 

2. Hot Chocolate Nothing like a warm cup of Hot chocolate to keep you warm

3. Romance/Scary Movies all day.

4. My phone/Internet of course I have to keep up with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. LOL

5. My Blankets, all I want to be is wrapped up in my blanket 

6. Your Favorite PJ's with those favorite Bunny house shoes 

7. Ice Cream/sweets Stack up and get the grocery ahead of time because I feel like snow days give you a reason to have cheat meal days. All I ever want is Ice Cream and M&M's