Spring Break Vacation/Family Fun Los Angeles

My husband and I try to take our kids someplace to  vacation every Spring and every summer. I love our Vacations, but this by far was one of  my most favorite ones. My children and My husband are my everything. We did everything. We went to Movies, Walked on the beach, rode Bicycles together on the beach, went to Santa Monica Pierre, rode roller coaster rides, had good lunch and dinner everyday. And these are just to cover some of things we did, we did a lot more and have so many pictures and videos, I don’t think I could post them, all on my blog in a day. I will post more over time. We all talked ate junk food and enjoyed each other. We did so much on this vacation. Sure we always do a lot together this was just extra special and Super fun.  So much fun that we didn’t want to leave.  I Love and Thank God for my family.   I am blessed happy:)