My Baby Graduates! Congratulations Diamond Nelson

Today my Baby Graduates 8th Grade, so many emotions are going through me. I think my husband and myself have done a good job so far, raising our young Queen. Our baby is on her way to  High School now, and It feel as if she went from 3 to 13yrs over night.

I say to my husband all the time, before you know it she will be going to college. I am so proud of the young lady she is growing up to be. It Makes me proud  as a parent to see that my daughter is is certainly a leader, smart, intelligent, beautiful young lady.  My husband and I try cramming so much into our kids. LOl. And Although at times they get a lot, we know that they listen and that what we do and teach them will in fact pay off.  CONGRATULATIONS! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU DIAMOND NELSON A.k.a (MISS HOLLYWOOD):)

I cherish every moment with my children, for I know that they won't always be the ages they are, and how they grow up so fast.